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About our team

Our team

Our team is young and innovative. We aim to reduce the environmental impact and those of our clients.

As a start-up, we have the spirit of listening to each team member and being close to them. We want to keep a dynamic and family atmosphere within the company.

Our mindset

Each member plays a significant role and participates in several European projects. The majority of the team is made up of LCA engineers and another part is focused on communication and the IT field. So we have complementary knowledge and skills and help each other on a daily basis.

Our work culture

Each week we organize a team meeting about the progress of each person in the group. The goal is to move forward together to realize and finalize the multiple projects.

Thus, a good atmosphere and teamwork are essential in our organization.


Managing Director

Naeem ADIBI, Ph.D. – Manager director

Dr Naeem holds a Master’s degree from Ecole Ponts et Chaussées, Ecole des Mines and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Ecole Centrale de Lille and EPFL. With 12 years of experience as an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) engineer and project manager, expert member of various committees within the European Commission and CEN (European Committee for Standardization) on the issue of sustainability, he plays a role in the evolution of LCA methodology and usage, ecodesign to incorporate decision making based on environmental, economic, and social aspects of the life cycle for companies and organizations. He founded WeLOOP in 2017 and now works as CEO and Managing Director at WeLOOP, coordinates numerous life cycle management and LCA projects in the building construction, automotive, and recycling industries, as well as in various industrial sectors.

Carolina SZABLEWSKI, Ph.D. – Project Manager

Carolina has a Master’s degree from EPF Ecole d’Ingenieur and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineer and geo-Environment. She has already 6 years of experience as an LCA engineer. She has a solid background in manufacturing processes, eco-design, materials, and their characteristics. Throughout her career, Carolina has worked on different software such as SimaPro, EIME, and Gabi. Currently, as a project manager, Carolina is in charge of the environmental product declarations, but also of the eco-design of products. Her main focus is on the construction products and equipment, but also on the food industry, electric and electronic, textile, plastics, etc.


Project Manager


Project Manager

Dieuwertje SCHRIJVERS, Ph.D. - Project Manager

A graduate of the Master's program in Energy Science at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and holder of a doctorate from the University of Bordeaux in the field of LCA, Dieuwertje has more than 9 years of experience in the life cycle analysis. She has expertise in the methodological aspects of life cycle assessment inventory, in particular with regard to the modeling of co-production and recycling. Specialized in the sustainable supply of critical raw materials, she is a project manager within WeLOOP and focuses on this area.

Clément BOLLE - LCA Engineer

Graduated with a professional degree in Eco-design of Innovative Products and a Master’s degree in Ecodesign of Polymers and Composites, Clément works on LCA in various sectors, including the building industry, with the realization of EPD for the building industry in Europe. He is in charge of several LCA projects with international partners, for private projects (especially for insulation and food processing) or European projects (PlastiCity, CEDaCI).

Clément BOLLE

LCA Engineer


Project Manager

Kim LUU- Project Manager

Graduated with a Master's degree from Ecole des Mines de Douai, specializing in Environment and Industry, Kim began her first internships in companies to focus on environmental impact measurement in carbon footprint assessment (distribution) and LCA (food industry). She then worked 2 years in the field of CSR in the distribution sector where she was able to understand the different issues companies are subjected to, including impact measurement, but also regulations, labels, customer demand and product quality. Aware of the emerging needs of companies on this subject, she decided to build her expertise on the life cycle vision. She is in charge of various LCA projects in different sectors (building, digital, transport).

Alison VANDROMME – Chief Technical Officer

Graduated in web development from HETIC, the School of Advanced Studies in Information and Communication Technologies, Alison is in charge of the design and development of IT tools for decision support integrating life cycle thinking. She is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the company's various websites and events, and contributes to web development on several European projects.


Chief Technical Officer


Project Manager

Alexandre CHARPENTIER PONCELET – Project Manager

Graduated with a Master's degree in Engineering and Management of the Environment and Sustainable Development from the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and the University of Technology of Troyes (France), Alexandre completed his doctorate at the University of Bordeaux, during which he developed a method for assessing the impacts of metal dissipation in LCA. He is particularly interested in the links between production systems, their environmental impacts, and their value for society. His expertise includes dynamic flow analysis and LCA. At WeLOOP, he is responsible for various projects related to metal dissipation and LCA.


LCA Engineer

Agathe WATTELIER - LCA Engineer

Agathe is a 5th year student in an engineering school specializing in Energy, Mechanics, Materials and Environment. She joined WeLOOP as part of her end-of-study internship in order to develop her skills in the field of LCA and the circular economy. As an LCA engineer, she works on several projects in the field of batteries.

Victor BLANCART - LCA Engineer

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Victor wanted to direct his studies in the field of the environment. He carried out the complete carbon footprint of his school as part of the courses, then followed a course in sustainable design and production at the École Centrale de Lille. He works in particular on the CEDaCI project, which aims to improve the environmental balance of data centers, and on carbon sinks in LCA.


LCA Engineer

Mathilde JANVIER

Communication Officer

Mathilde JANVIER – Communication officer

Student in master of communication in Lille, Mathilde joins WeLOOP as a work-study in charge of communication. She joins our team where she is responsible for developing the communication strategy, daily management of the website and social networks. It also participates in the organization of certain events. Interested in environmental issues, this experience is an opportunity to consolidate her communication skills in a sector in line with her values.

Sam HERLICQ - LCA Engineer

A student in his last year in mechanical engineering, Sam joined WeLOOP for his internship in order to broaden his education in the environmental field. Competing in archery at an international level, he supports values of sharing, respect and commitment that he uses in his work on different LCA projects.


LCA Engineer


Communication Officer

Laura DEVISME - Communication officer

Laura is a student in her final year of degree in communication in Lille. She joins the WELOOP team as a student in charge of communication. With Mathilde, her objective is to develop the communication strategy and to carry out event projects. She is also in charge of social networks. Curious by nature, this work-study is an opportunity to put her professional skills into practice and to discover a new sector of activity focused on environment and human values.

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