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About WeLOOP

Our values

Founded in 2017, WeLOOP is specialized in understanding, assessing, and improving the environmental, social, and economic performance of your product, service, process, organization, and region.

We aim to create “sustainable value” and move towards a circular economy. We care about the potential benefits from your activities all along the supply chain.

WeLOOP supports you!

Do you want to develop your business by integrating a circular economy? Implement a new strategy? Conduct an environmental, social, or economical assessment of your company, products, or services? Develop a communication plan? Organize a training?

We are committed to supporting circular economy and life cycle management projects. We help you define the best strategies to address, develop your action plans, and implement life cycle management and circular economy within your organization. With our multi-skill expertise, the sustainability of your projects is guaranteed.

We contribute to the scientific development of life cycle management through numerous R&D projects. Therefore, as a frontrunner, we can offer you the latest innovations and developments in this field.

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