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Environmental Product Declaration

Are you a product and equipment manufacturer for the building and construction sector? Do you wish to show the environmental performance of your construction products and equipment? Do you aim to contribute to the sustainable development of your sector by improving its environmental performance? Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) based on LCA is a step forward!

An EPD is a document presenting the results of the product Life Cycle Assessment, with the aim to calculate the environmental performance of a building. This document can be adapted according to each country in which it is used.

Each country has its own specificities and EPD databases, such as the B-EPD (Belgium Environmental Product Declaration) in Belgium and the FDES (Fiche de Déclaration Environnementale et Sanitaire) in France. The FDES presents not only the environmental information for a construction product or equipment, but also information about health aspects.

At WeLOOP, we can promote your EPD for different countries, reducing costs in case of multiple markets. We have already developed EPDs for France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Finland.

More about EPDs

EPDs follow the EN 15804 standard (amendments A1 or A2) and the complementary information given by each country. These documents consider the whole life cycle of a construction product, from the raw-material extraction to the End of Life (EoL), not forgetting about the distribution, installation and use.

EPDs are important multi-criteria tools to help professionals in their choices to make a building more sustainable, limiting impacts on the environment while creating a healthy atmosphere for future users. The FDES is a standardized document, which is used, among others, as a tool for evaluating the environmental performance of buildings.

There are now many certification schemes specific to the building sector. They are increasingly important for contractors and customers. The EPD is one of the keys allowing adherence to these certification programs.

In France

From January 2022, new constructions will follow the new environmental regulations RE 2020 in France, which will require conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the building. To do this, construction products and equipment used in new construction must have an FDES.

After several years of experience in this field and numerous projects of national renown (EQIOM - FDES ECIA) as well as international (PEF - European Commission & EPD ECIA published in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Finland) we are able to help you carry out the FDES in the normative format currently in force.

Our expertise

WeLOOP’s expertise does not stop at the development of EPDs, but includes the verification level. WeLOOP is a verifier for the following programs :

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