Ecodesign is a creative perspective, a source of innovation and differentiation. It is a positive approach for the environment and a lever for the creation of value. The application of ecodesign enhances the competitiveness and the quality of the solutions in the economic, social and environmental fields.

Ecodesign takes into account the environmental, social and economic performance of the product or a service along the whole life cycle since the design phase or in the re-design phase.

The values and principles of ecodesign should be incorporated to the current methods of design of solutions. Ecodesign challenges these current methods (design, management, innovation, etc.) of the company to modify the aspects of a product that were unknown, neglected or ignored back in the days.

Every institution (companies, public institutions, R+D, etc.) can permanently integrate eco-design in the operation framework and obtain the following illustrated benefits.

Parmi les actions que nous menons, nous proposons d’intégrer l’écoconception et ses valeurs au sein de votre structure à l’aide de séances / sessions de cocréation avec les parties prenantes concernées par vos activités. Une fois les idées recueillies, nous vous proposons un (ou plusieurs) plan(s) d’action(s). Bien souvent, nous y intégrons l’ACV afin de pouvoir proposer des indicateurs de suivis factuels et concrets.

For example, we have managed national ecodesign interactions with LCA and SCORE LCA (an association which brings together major French enterprises as Renault, Total, Engie, EDF, Veolia, etc.) to create a guide for companies that will allow them to integrate these approaches. In this context, we have developed case studies with ROLL-GOM, NEXANS, FAVI.

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