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Discover, understand, assimilate

Do you want to be trained in methods of assessing the environmental, social, and economic impacts of products, processes, and services over their Life Cycle?

WeLOOP regularly organizes training and awareness raising sessions on LCA, creation of EPD for the building sector, Product Environmental Footprint of the EU Commission, raw material criticality assessments, and circular economy.

Your needs
and expectations are unique

That’s why we organize activities tailored to your needs and personal expectations.

We carry out these trainings in adaptation to your specific needs. They are available in two formats: general training and in-depth training.

If you would like to benefit from tailor-made training, please complete the questionnaire here in order to better understand your expectations and needs.

WeLOOP organizes training sessions on circular economy, LCA and PEF. We propose also training in EPD for the construction / building sector. We carry out training sessions throughout the year, to share our expertise and progress in this field.

Don't hesitate to consult our workshop calendar.

At your request, we can collaborate with your institution by training students on different themes of life cycle assessment, eco-design, and raw material criticality assessment.

We adapt our methods for better comprehension, through a variety of case studies. We expand our training by explaining standards, methodologies and setting practical work on software such as SimaPro and openLCA (open source). 

We raise awareness in companies on environmental issues or potential sources of supply chain risks, as well as sustainable solutions with a half a day session.

We lead sessions to identify areas for improvement in relation to your products & solutions in order to reduce your environmental impacts, with the stakeholders within your company.

Headquarter - Lille

254 rue du Bourg
59130 Lambersart – France

Subsidiary - Bordeaux

71 Boulevard du Président Wilson
33000 Bordeaux – France