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Fuel Guide: A decision-making tool for the choice of personal cars

Published on January 18, 2022

We still have several groups of citizens with no access to public transport. Therefore, the choice of a personal vehicle is an important topic. Thus, to help citizens with a more sustainable choice of car, we have elaborated the first version of the simplified mobility tool for the Belgium market. This tool is named “ Fuel Guide ” and was made in collaboration with DATS 24.

About the Fuel Guide

The Fuel Guide helps users base their choice on environmental and life cycle cost criteria in a simplified format. It includes both economic and ecological assessments of solutions. The environmental assessment is based on a verified Life Cycle Assessment.

Different EF 3.0 indicators (recommended method from the EU commission) are used to make the first environmental assessment. For the economic part, the life cycle cost is considered. The prices for fuel and cars are, for the moment, those of January 2022. The final raking of the vehicle is obtained based on the scores of environmental and economic Life Cycle aspects.

Different car technologies, including electric, hydrogen, CNG car, hybrid, plugin hybrid (3 different electric driving intensities), and conventional solutions, are available in the Fuel Guide.

A decision matrix will provide will the best solutions according to your driving conditions, size of the car, distance, budget, autonomy of electric vehicles, availability of the fuel and charging station, and the number of trajectories you make each day.

This first version will allow us to have the first feedback of users and test the tool in different conditions. Therefore, we have made a list of changes for the next tool upgrade. E.g., consider urban versus rural driving conditions (for particulate emissions), integrating car recycling at End of Life, etc.

In this context, we are looking forward to receiving your feedback also.

We are also working on a version of the tool for other markets. This future version under development focuses only on environmental aspects and is more technical and detailed. Please follow us if you wish to test our tool under development!