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L’équipe au grand complet!

Published on October 20, 2021

Discover our team building day!

Last week, and for the very first time, the whole WeLOOP team was together. Indeed, our colleagues from Bordeaux made the trip to Lille, in order to spend two days together. It was the perfect opportunity to organize a team-building day and to get to know each other.

réunion d'équipe WeLOOP

We have organized several activities to discover each member of WeLOOP, but also to learn more about the expertise and current projects of each.

This allowed us to better understand each other's skills and personalities and to strengthen our cohesion and team spirit, which are two essential elements at WeLOOP.

But not everything was serious! Among the day's activities, we tried out a board game in the spirit of our activity's sector named "in the Loop" (on the theme of the criticality of materials), allowing us to better visualize the stakes on resources and the possible disruptions in a value chain, in a playful way.

Playing as a team, strategy was the order of the day. This allowed to see the approach of each player and to bring interesting debates (with some disagreements). However, respect, humor and listening to others were the big winners in the end.

repas d'équipe WeLOOP
jeu de société in the LOOP

We also had the opportunity to show off our bowling skills (some excelled, others did not, but the results will remain confidential). We also took the opportunity to go to some restaurants.

Thus, we came out of it united and motivated, with reinforced team cohesion. This day will have allowed us to meet new people, to have a good time and to facilitate our exchanges, despite the geographical distance.

You can find here the pictures describing this immersive day in the heart of Lille!