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LCM world’s leading environmental conference organised for the first time in Lille !

The LCM (Life Cycle Management) conference series is one of the world’s leading environmental, economic, and social sustainability forums. The focus is on practical solutions for implementing life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making, whether in science, industry, NGOs or public institutions. Every second year, the conference is organised by a leading research institution and industry in the domain.

The 10th International LCM Conference was the first conference meeting held virtually, and Fraunhofer IBP organised it in Stuttgart. LCM2021 edition has just finished, and we have already some exciting news for LCM2023 !

About the organizers

Together with Junia, Colruyt and the Ghent University, WeLOOP composes this conference organising committee. Here are the chair and the co-chairs of the next meeting :

Naeem is the CEO and founder of WeLOOP, an environmental consultancy start-up located in the North of France. He has a multidisciplinary background in engineering, environmental sciences, and management, with a PhD in civil engineering from the French Ecole Centrale de Lille and EPFL. At first, he started his career in the LCA in Renault (car Industry). Then, he has worked more than seven years in the avniR platform – cd2e, in the North of France; he is the co-founder of the avniR conference series – and was also the organiser and member of the scientific committee for eight years. In addition, he coordinated one of the Product Environmental Footprint pilots for the European Commission and collaborated with his expertise in the CEN/TC 350 standardisation committee. He is a member and has contributed actively to the UNEP Environment – Life Cycle Initiative developments (e.g. guidance for Hotspot analysis). He contributed actively to the organisation of LCM 2015 in Bordeaux.

Naeem Adibi Photo

Steven is a bio-engineer specialised in chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In 2008, he started working as an R&D engineer at Colruyt Group, a Belgian retailer. The main focus of his activities concerns environmental footprinting and life cycle assessment, both at the organisational and the product levels.

Steven Van Hemelryck

Jo is a professor at Ghent University, in the Department of Sustainable Organic Chemistry and Technology. Jo Dewulf works closely with the Department of Green Chemistry and Technology. He leads the Sustainable Systems Engineering group and focuses on clean production with a team consisting of about 20 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and 10-15 master students.

Pr. J. Dewulf photo

More details about LCM2023

LCM2023 is the 11th edition of LCM Conferences. The previous editions were held in Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, France (Bordeaux), Sweden, South Africa, Switzerland, and Spain. These conferences have received around 700-1000 attendees.

The LCM 2023 will be held at Lille Grand Palais, an iconic 45 000 m2 event complex in the Lille Metropolis near the city centre and the main train stations. Specific rooms will be chosen for plenary and parallel conference sessions, stands, posters, and networking!

It is the first time that such a conference will be organised in the Flanders region.

Save the date : LCM2023 will be on the 6, 7, and 8 September 2023!

Each day, our participants will specially prepare one plenary, parallel sessions, and an evening event. Thus, a call for sessions will be the basis to define the thematic of the conference!

The key themes on which LCM2023 will focus are :

We look forward to welcoming you in the lovely city of Lille!

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