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Social LCA, a tool for evaluating the social performance of your company!

Published on February 15th, 2022

Are you one of the actors sensitive to sustainable development wishing to know how to act at your company’s level? Can you help create shared values through your business? WeLOOP offers a new expertise:  social LCA, to support you in evaluating the social performance of your activity and product across its entire value chain.

TheLCA (Life Cycle Assessment) aims to increase knowledge on the three pillars of sustainable development: social, environmental, and economic. Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA), complementary to environmental LCA, is one of the methodological pillars that has been developed to assess the sustainability of organizations, products, and services. It respects the principle of "Leaving no one behind,” which is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


This new method assesses the social impacts arising from products and services throughout their life cycle (from the extraction of raw materials to end-of-life treatment). Its purpose is to determine the well-being of stakeholders, which includes all actors impacted by the activities and products of a company: the worker/employee, the local community, the actors of the value chain (e.g., suppliers), consumers, society, and children.

More and more public and private actors want to understand the consequences of their decisions better. Social LCA contributes to considering the social effects of the choices made and proposes actions for improvement, such as promoting social responsibility among its suppliers, improving community access to local material resources (sanitary facilities, schools, etc.), or integrating responsible management of the end of life of products.

As part of the development of our services, WeLOOP has carried out various social LCA projects in different sectors (digital, health, energy, battery, etc.) and, among others, the CEDaCI project, which aims to facilitate the implementation of a circular economy for the data center industry in the northwest Europe region and to reduce the amount of (D)EEE waste from this industry.

CEDaCI's social LCA aims to raise awareness, advise, and inform DCI (Data Center Industry) players on activities' actual or potential social impacts. First, we developed a questionnaire and established co-creation sessions with our CEDaCI partners to identify the stakeholders in the Data Center equipment value chain and the specific social indicators/themes. Thus, a data inventory has been developed to extract raw materials, operation, reuse, recycling processes of (D)EEE, etc.

According to the data collected in the inventory, we propose scenarios established on recycled raw materials, the reuse of equipment, and the recycling and recovery of Critical Raw Materials. By combining qualitative data (from interviews with experts) and quantitative data, we highlight the social impact of the scenarios in the form of "social scoring.” This makes it possible to identify hotspots in different geographical areas, especially those at risk.

Are you an actor sensitive to responsible approaches and the social requirements of your activities?

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