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The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, with global CO2 emissions varying greatly between 3 and 10% and consumption of more than 4% of drinking water resources. It is also an industry where overconsumption is clearly noticeable. Just take a look at our wardrobes and at our habits: more than 50% of our wardrobe would simply not be worn. Finally, 80 billion clothes are produced and delivered each year and several million tons of clothes and other textiles are thrown in our landfills.

Faced with all these issues, questions about the environment and ecology have never been so important and initiatives continue to multiply. Although there is still some way to go, the textile industry intends to find the right solutions in order to considerably reduce its negative effects on the environment.

It is in this context that we intervene, that is to say, to support the various actors who wish to implement a circular economy, recycling and waste recovery approach.

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