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B-EPD Verification

The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) of construction products are intended for professionals and the general public. In recent years, they have become mainstream in providing information on the environmental impacts of the building and construction activities. To ensure the reliability of EPDs, they must be verified.

The TOTEM database is the Belgian B-EPD referencing database. To publish a Belgium EPD in this database, it must be verified by an independent third party verifier, approved by the Belgian Federal Public Service.

Since April 2020, WeLOOP has been accredited B-EPD authorized verifier for the Belgian Federal Public Service.

What is an EPD verification? Verification gives credibility to an EPD, by verifying that all the information provided is justified and correct (types of data chosen, approximations, allocations, etc.).

A verification certificate is provided at the end of the verification process.

WeLOOP can carry verifications for French and Belgium EPDs, thus we can group the two verifications and subsequently reduce their costs.

You can consult the official list of B-EDP verifiers here.

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