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Territorial Life Cycle Assessment

The key players (public policies, companies, etc.), and in particular those with a hold over the territories, are faced with a series of injunctions that sometimes seem contradictory: to perpetuate the activity, or even to develop it through economic performance. supported, respect the environment, and increasingly assume a societal role by considering the expectations and needs of stakeholders. Despite this complexity, the actors wish to anchor themselves more in their territory and are ready to contribute to its development through cooperation and collective intelligence.

The Territorial Life Cycle Assessment (TLCA) is a decision support tool. It makes it possible to identify the expectations of stakeholders, to quantify the impacts and to develop development scenarios taking into account the environmental, social and economic aspects of a territory.

Practically, it consists of :

  • To enrich the Life Cycle Assessment process, from cradle to grave, by making it consistent with the characteristics of its territory (its assets, its history) as well as the expectations of stakeholders living in this same territory (uses).
  • To make the link between a hard engineering approach based on concepts of industrial ecology, circular economy and economy of functionality and soft engineering, which should allow the stakeholders of the organization to assert their expectations and to contribute to the creation of shared values ​​via a collective intelligence process based on an engaging dialogue.
  • The unification of scientific and methodological expertise and the participation of representatives of the territory in order to fulfill the promise of sustainable development bringing together the integration of the three components: environmental, economic and societal, with the reality of the territory and the people who there live.

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