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Life Cycle Assessment

Development of a product, a service or a process generates negative and positive impacts on the environment. The key actors (companies, industries, policy-makers and researchers) are making efforts on daily basis to identify, quantify, communicate and reduce the impacts.

The LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is a quantification and evaluation method of environmental impacts (greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of resources, air, soil and water pollution, etc.) of a product, a service or a process.

The LCA analyzes all the stages of life cycle :

  • Primary and secondary raw material extraction ;
  • Transformation ;
  • Transport ;
  • Use ;
  • Recycling, energy recovery, etc.

 Therefore, we model a product collecting data directly from the suppliers. We complete the model with international recognised generic databases (ELCD, Ecoinvent, industrial sectors data, etc.) and we analyze the data with LCA software.

A global vision allows key actors to consider the environmental, social and economic aspects. It can help them to make better decisions and consider efficient alternative development paths.

Life Cycle Assessment meets your specific needs. This quantification method permits the most complete evaluation of the impacts that a product, service or process can generate. It is also possible to compare several holistic solutions covering the whole life cycle. It is a truly useful tool of strategic management.

LCA method can be applied to different sectors and activities. The WeLOOP team has achieved a transversal expertise based on continuous improvement with his partners.


We collaborate regularly on projects in numerous sectors :

EPD, LCA of buildings, etc

LCA can also be applied within an extended vision : Territorial LCA in order to take into account the most important social and economic aspects of a territory.

We conduct an LCA to meet your needs, however, we follow the international standards: ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. By respecting these norms, it is also possible to compare your products, services and methods with your competitors.

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