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WeLOOP reveals your competitiveness via circular economy and life cycle thinking!

We implement these concepts in different methods applicable to your activities.

The results will allow you to create shared environmental, economic and social values.

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The building sector is the most advanced in integration of life cycle thinking. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used to calculate the environmental impact of building products and buildings.

In this age of technological revolution, we are led to develop new digital formats and new approaches (both in the creation environmental impacts models and our methods of communication).

Although there is still some way to go, the textile industry intends to find the right solutions in order to considerably reduce its negative effects on the environment. It is in this context that we intervene, that is to say, to support the various actors who wish to implement a circular economy, recycling and waste recovery approach.

Chemistry is essential to meet the major challenges of tomorrow: alternatives to oil, renewable energies, recycling, air quality, etc. For this, it is based on Life Cycle Assessment methods and is more oriented towards an eco-design choice.

The Life Cycle Assessment methodology allows the environmental assessment of recycling and thus measures the environmental benefits of the sector.

The impacts on the Life Cycle of an agri-food product must be calculated using the Life Cycle Assessment method in order to guide stakeholders towards an eco-design choice. 

Plastics is a sector that includes many industries such as automotive, aeronautics, building, medicine and food. It is one of the most important sectors in the national and international economy.

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