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R&D - Innovation

The field of life cycle assessment has been booming in recent years. It requires continuous improvement both in the methodologies, the calculation methods and the available databases. The Life Cycle Assessment has been opened to the social and economic domains in addition to the environmental. On these aspects, the methodological development is more recent.

We are led to look for new modeling methods in our calculations to meet customers’ expectations or to break technological / technical limitations.

In addition to the development of calculation methods, our feedback also shows that R & D and technological innovation are certainly essential parameters of our activities but that organizational and managerial innovation bring benefits to our customers. As a result, we are led to combine the most favorable conditions for our customers through a virtuous and proactive sharing of knowledge throughout the study with relevant stakeholders.The R & D program in our company is at the origin of its creation because the LCA is a growing discipline (which involves a lot of research) but it is also a flexible technique, which once well customized to the situation is proven particularly effective.

In this age of technological revolution, we are led to develop new digital formats and new approaches (both in the creation environmental impacts models and our methods of communication). When it is necessary and possible, we create our own tools based on our data collection or our customer ‘s data handled with discretion (confidentiality). Since each project we conduct integrates, at least in part, preponderant R & D phases, the R &D phases follow each other and are not so similar.

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