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WeLOOP is co-organizing

IRTC Conference 2023

Published on September 26, 2022

WeLOOP is proud to be part of the organizing committee ofIRTC Conference 2023.

This conference brings together industry experts, researchers and policy makers to discuss in depth the criticality of raw materials.

IRTC Conference 2023: background

IRTC = International Round Table on Materials Criticality.

It is a global network funded by EIT RawMaterials, a European institution that aims to stimulate innovation in Europe.

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IRTC Meeting. Source:

The IRTC network plays a very important role in the international debate on criticality car il rassemble des experts de divers univers : scientifique, industriel, et gouvernemental.

Thus, the IRTC conference allows experts to exchange about requirements to better monitor raw material criticality, criticality assessment methodologies, industrial practices and needs regarding their use of critical raw materials, as well as strategies to alleviate supply risks both at an industrial and a policy level.

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IRTC Conference 2023: A real opportunity

From the 15th to the 17th of February 2023, the first IRTC Conference will take place in Lille (France).

Cet événement entre dans le cadre du programme IRTC-Training. Il a pour but de rassembler experts from diverse stakeholder groups to initiate discussions on criticality or raw materials that pose risks to the economy and to an energy and ecological transition. For example, during this conference, the question of the use of rare metals for batteries and permanent magnets, which play a key role in the energy transition, will be addressed.

The conference is therefore aimed at industry, academia and policy makers concerned with raw materials for a sustainable future "

WeLOOP member of the organizing committee

WeLOOP is a consultancy specialised inLCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and also includes in its team specialists in criticality assessment and sustainable use of raw materials: Dieuwertje Schrijvers, Alexandre Charpentier-Poncelet and Naeem Adibi.

Dieuwertje Schrijvers was the principal researcher of the IRTC project, first in her position at the University of Bordeaux, now at WeLOOP.

Alexandre obtained his PhD in the CyVi group at the University of Bordeaux, during which he developed a life cycle impact assessment methodology to account for mineral resource dissipation.

Naeem Adibi, director and founder of WeLOOP, is an expert in the field of life cycle management and chairs the organizing committee of the 11th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM 2023), also to be held in Lille in 2023.

Thanks to its expertise, WeLOOP is a member of the organizing committee of IRTC Conference 2023. In order to ensure the preparation and the smooth running of the event, WeLOOP collaborates with the other members of the committee:

ESM Foundation, Fraunhofer, Rare Earths Industry Association (REIA)

IRTC Conference 2023 organizing committee

A call for abstracts is open until the 19th of October 2022 for all those who wish to share their views, experience and participate in IRTC Conference 2023. Feel free to participate by clicking here.